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You might find an item that isn't available at the wshop, maybe one of Arte's Rare items? He also has a gem mine at the back of the shop which he lets customers into once per day. She always has this season's fashions, but don't forget to buy the last season's for a discount before they're gone! You can occasionally find an item that isn't normally sold there including the costumes of the Chipettes!

And don't forget to take a look at the clothing machine!

She also happens to be Nibbles Hippo's older sister. There are also special talent courses to sign up for.

Is your pet a great griddler or a heroic hair styler? Also, the school provides a nice lunch that is packed up in a little bag!

You might create some thrifty patchwork clothes, but if you're smart enough, you can create a cosmically cool piece of clothing!

Plumpy is so good at giving at giving advice, she even has her own column in the newz!

He also has a few games in the arcade based off him! He loves to hide, he will even play hide and seek with you in the schoolyard! Wacky runs a carnival with lots of surprises after you play!

And in the firsst one of them, you get to meet the Zingoz himself! If you have the prerequisite, you can work for that job!

And you if you have her as your friend, she will never send you a lame wshop item! He may be retired, but you can still become a medical student!

He loves getting whacked whether he lands on the ground, or in a tank, or even on a hard stone target.

Luckily, his friend Zangoz always carries his bat around!

You never know until you try these advanced courses! The higher you get, the better your pet does at the academy AND Webkinz Ralley in the arcade! Do you want to play hide and seek with Wacky Zingoz? You can open it up in your pet's room for some tasty snacks!

Of course, everyone needs a break at some point, so every fifthteen days of learning, Ms. Zingoz are pretty wacky, but not as wacky as the wacky Wacky who is very, very wacky!

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At the employment office, he sometimes lets you practice as his assistant! They carved their initials into a little tree which you could get on May 8th, 2015!