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The fort most likely lent its name to Koyil Kotta the precursor to Kozhikode. Krishna Iyer, the rise of Kozhikode is at once a cause and a consequence of Samoothiri's ascendancy in Kerala.

It was the capital of an independent kingdom ruled by the Samoothiris (Zamorins) in the Middle Ages and later of the erstwhile Malabar District under British rule.

He describes Kozhikode as "one of the great ports of the district of Malabar" where "merchants of all parts of the world are found".

The king of this place, he says, "shaves his chin just as the Haidari Fakeers of Rome do...

The Italian Niccolò de' Conti (1445), perhaps the first Christian traveller who noticed Kozhikode, describes the city as abounding in pepper, lac, ginger, a larger kind of cinnamon, myrobalans and zedary.

He calls it a noble emporium for all India, with a circumference of eight miles (13 km).

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